About Us

Jeri Wilson, Executive Director


When the malignancy of cancer touches a child, it is particularly difficult to turn a blind eye.  Being connected to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation means you, as a fundraiser, oncology family, volunteer, business partner or researcher, have chosen to be a part of this community of cancer fighters.  You have chosen to use your resources to make a difference in the lives of children who have cancer.

This dedication makes us a community that shares a vision of hope.  Hope that for every parent who hears the words, “Your child has cancer,” the next statement is, “And we have a cure.”

The end of 2014 is the end of a calendar year, but not the end of our fight.  It is the time to renew the fight and vow to NVRQT (Never Quit.)  Like Jon Lester, two time MLB World Series Campion pitcher, and his wife, Farrah, it is time to use our gifts to lead the way.  Jon, a cancer survivor himself, knows how important it is to take care of these kids both on and off the field.  Through the NVRQT campaign, with support from Wells Fargo, Jon inspires courage, strength and character by hosting pediatric oncology patients at various games across the country.  After interacting with Jon, many a child has said with a renewed spirit, “If he can beat cancer and win two World Series, then I can do it too!”  NVRQT!  

Jon and Farrah’s extraordinary dedication and support of the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is an inspiration that encourages us all to use our gifts and resources to help end malignant disease in children.

You too can choose to NVRQT and be a champion for this cause.  What is it that you have to give?  What would you donate to help end pediatric cancer?  Everyone can be a part of giving these children and their families a full and healthy life, free from disease and long-term side effects.

Please join us in the fight to save a child’s life. Make an investment today to improve the care, quality of life, and survival rates of children with cancer.

Warm regards,

Jeri Wilson