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We improve the care, quality of life, and survival rate of children with malignant diseases.

Jeri Wilson, Executive Director


Jeri Wilson Executive Director Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Every day I count my blessings that my two daughters are healthy and cancer free. When they were young, we watchedLilo and Stitchoften. In that movie, Lilo uses the word Ohana, “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.” Not a week goes by in the office when my phone, email, Facebook, etc. does not have a message from someone seeking help about a recent diagnosis in their family. Some are easy questions, “Have you heard of this doctor?” Others are more heart wrenching pleas for where to turn for help because they’ve just heard, “Your child has cancer,” and they are immobilized.


This past February my phone rang, and it was one that would change me forever. A friend of a young patient needed my help to fulfill his bucket list. His time here was limited and he wanted to make the best of it. We were able to fulfill a few of this young boy’s dreams, but lost him along the way. Those days are tough, and I rely on my entire family to get me through.


The dedicated staff at PCRF spends their hours getting the message out that we are here, and are not going anywhere until we find a cure. They get their friends and families involved, volunteering at our events, joining committees, designing creative for our media, stuffing event bags, you get the picture…Ohana.

 This report will show you our journey as a family in 2012. Events from California to New York, New Jersey and Boston, our NVRQT platform with Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox, and our gold ribbon standard events with the Annual Run/Walk, Rod Carew golf classic and the Bid for the Kids.

For the past two years it has been my privilege to work as the Executive Director for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. The enormous passion for the mission of PCRF by the Board of Directors and volunteers of this organization has demonstrated each day by their dedicated hours of volunteerism, without which we could not keep our percentage of overhead so low, thus allowing over 80% of funds raised to go directly to research.

The numbers shown in this report tell the tale of how many children are diagnosed, survival rates and where we spend our money. Please know your time, talents and financial support in this economic environment is greatly appreciated by the many families and researchers we support.

Warmest Regards andOhana,

Jeri Wilson